Advanced Event Management

Event Management Beginners Course

1. Introduction and summary of day

2. Role of an Event Manager

  • The Client relationship
  • Maximising staff and physical resources
  • Planning and coordinating team and suppliers
  • Decision making
  • Contingency planning

3. Business Development and The Pitch

  • Goals and Client objectives
  • Always looking out for new business opportunities, and seizing them
  • Planning, managing and controlling the pitch
  • Understanding the difference between what the client says they want, and what they actually want, interpreting body language
  • Ensuring you can deliver on time and on budget, with accurate pricing
  • Living up to expectations once you’ve won the business!

4. Marketing and PR - An overview of event management as part of the marketing mix/PR & marketing to maximize attendance & opportunity

  • Marketing for event success
  • Exploring PR and media options
  • Understanding pricing and profit margins
  • Ensuring you achieve a healthy ROI

5. Event Management Planning and Administration

  • Complex budgeting/forecasting expenditure
  • Reducing costs through effective negotiation
  • Compiling and understanding event contracts
  • Managing health and safety
  • Event risk assessment
  • Copyright and trademark considerations
  • Event ethical practice

Event risk assessment

  • Copyright and trademark considerations
  • Event ethical practice

6. Logistics & Operations

Pre-event logistics

  • Critical path analysis
  • Budgets and finance procedures
  • Site planning and inspections
  • Staff roles and responsibilities
  • Staffing (internal v’s external)
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Troubleshooting and contingency
  • Health and safety risk analysis, insurance and security

Onsite Operations

  • Running order
  • Management of suppliers
  • Guest/VIP registration
  • Risk analysis and security
  • Crew management

Post-event Logistics

  • Post event communication with guests & VIP’s
  • Analysis of event
  • ROI report on event
  • Budget reconciliation and final invoice payments
  • Final correspondence to all suppliers

7. Review and Conclusion

  • Event monitoring and Evaluation - Success of your event
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