Event Scholarship Programme (ESP) - London

This is a new initiative developed by esprecruitment for 2014 to continue the good work we have been doing within the student market, to try and assist our rising stars of the future make their way into the industry.

We understand that with rising costs in education, some students may struggle to continue with their University education with the knowledge that they will come out at the end of a degree with at least £27,000 of debt and often much more.

Although the industry suffered during the recession, after the Olympics the signs are much more positive in the market, so it is time for us to put something back in.

We have launched a new competition for first year event management degree students to compete to win a prize of 2 years of University tuition paid for by the industry.  We are looking for companies to pledge £1,000 towards a final total of £20,000 to assist one student through the final 2 years of their degree.

We won’t just be giving this away, they will have to apply and compete to win.  The winner will be chosen by a panel of industry experts and the funds will be used to pay for fee’s with £1000 per year extra for expenses.

The student that wins, will have to put something back in.  Once they have won, they have to pledge to run 2 charity events a year to raise funds for the industries charities of choice.  At the end of their degree, the student will have a much lower debt to go out into the industry and have gained more events experience which should assist them in finding their first permanent job in the industry.  We will be setting up a blog for the student so the industry can follow the student through his final 2 years of University.

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