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Now in its' 3rd year we are delighted to bring you The Events Industry Salary Survey for the Middle East, in conjunction with SourceME.

In this fast moving industry, it is important that we fully understand the market in which we recruit, in order to offer the best advice to our clients about what they should be paying their staff and recommend annual percentage increases, and also to candidates to ensure they are paid what they are worth. As a result of our many years at the forefront of the industry, speaking to clients and interviewing candidates, and through analysing the data from the survey, we have become experts in our field.

The salary survey includes:

  • Comprehensive salary comparisons across all levels of the events industry
  • Detailed information about pay increases across the sector
  • Information on what motivates staff and reasons for changing jobs

The 2016 survey results and report will be released in Q4 2016

You can download a copy of the full 2015 report here and the 2014 Salary Survey is still available as a download should you wish to compare the survey to previous years.

You can also use the UK data to compare your own salary, or teams'pay levels to those in your current location.

In general salaries in the Middle East have tended to be higher than UK as a legacy of the pre-recession boom and the fact that it was difficult to attract people to a developing market pre-recession. But 2015/16 has seen a slight shift and we anticipate that the figures we release in Q4 will refelct a slight reduction in mid-level roles. The cost of living is slightly higher in the region, but the career change, tax free appeal and lifestyle benefits continue to remain an attraction for many.

The Events Industry Salary Survey ME Logo

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